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Assessment and Mutation
Shri Asok N. Bhattacharya
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Name of the Head of the Department with Designation: Smt. Mili Sinha (Assessment-in-charge)
Contact No: 0353 2433277 (extention: 241)

Details of the work/function of the department:
Srl No Details of Work Period of Completion Contact Officer
1. Mutation (in heritance/sale/gift/ partition/probably of will case/ change of name in case of vest & railway land etc. 15 days after submission of Application with all requisite papers. Krishna Saha
2. Correction of Mutation   (if any) 15 days after submission of application. Krishna Saha
3. Assessment(Issue of new holding number)
1.Vacant Land
2. Land with building
3. Property on Railway land/Vest land.
25 Days. Krishna Saha
Required Documents:

a) Mutation: Deed, Chain Deed, Tax Receipt upto date (previous owner).
b) Correction: Related supporting documents.
c) Assessment (issue of new holding):
i) Land with building: Prescribed form, Deed (xerox), Chain deed (xerox) copy of building plan if any.
ii) Omitted Holdings: Prescribed form, previous tax receipt.
iii) Vacant Land: Prescribed form, Deed (xerox), chain deed (xerox), site sketch with key plan.

Existing fees and Charges:

a) Mutation: 1% of Deed value.
b) New holding or vacant land: Nil   

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