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   ADMINISTRATION (STD Code: Dj. 0354, Slg.0353, Jpg. 03561)
Commossiner, Jalpaiguri Division Jalpaiguri 230666  
Dist. Magistrate, Darjeeling 2254233 / 2254266 2254338 (Fax)
Dist. Magistrate, Jalpaiguri 03561-224811 (Fax) 231101(Fax)
Addl. Dist. Magistrate, (Siliguri) 2435998 2431431
Sub Divisional Officer, (Siliguri) 2529021, 2430800 2431431
Sub Divisional Officer, (Jalpaiguri) 232017 232013, 224735 (Fax)
Block Development Officer, (Raiganj) 254229  
D C F S (Jalpaiguri)   03561-2307 (Fax)
Sabhadhipati, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad 2432597, 2433997(Fax)  
A.E.O. Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad 2433175 2640300
C.E.O. SJDA 2513334 2510056(Fax)  
SJDA 2512922 / 2515647  
Sabhadipati, Jalpaiguri Zilla Parishad 230287 284203
Superintending Engineer PHE, Siliguri 2431776  
Executive Engineer PHE, Siliguri 2661260  
Sub-Divisional Land & Land Reforms Officer, Siliguri 2433797  
Deputy Director of Local Bodies, Jalpaiguri Division, Siliguri 2432981  
General Manager Telecom, Siliguri 2537555 2537888
North Bengal Dev. Dept, Branch Secretarite, GOWB, Siliguri 2580035(Fax)  
Information Centre (SLG) 2523398  
Sub-Divn. Information Officer 2436160  
North Bengal Science Centre 2571229  
S.D.O. (Phones) 2436000  
Tenzing Norgey Central Bus Terminus 2514920, 2512973  
Sikkim Nationalised Transport 2517528  
West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Siliguri 2571113  
I.C.D.S. Office-  Siliguri-1 (Urban) Siliguri-2 (Urban) 2433859, 2593140  
MYO (Siliguri) 90462-17700  
P.O.-Cum-D.W.O.B.C.W. Department, Siliguri 2642051, 2642499  
Dist Manager, W.B.S.C.& S.T. & Finance Corpn, Slg 2430601  
Siliguri Treasury No.-1 2435025  
Siliguri Treasury No.-2 2527613  
Tourist Office, Siliguri 2511974, 2511979  
B.L. & R.O. Rajganj 254259, 224749  
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